Climate change is changing Singapore

As a low-lying island city-state, Singapore is particularly vulnerable to the effects of sea level rise.

We are already experiencing the impact of climate change, such as more intense rainfall and prolonged dry spells.

By 2100, we could experience:

    • Mean sea level rise of up to 1 metre
    • An increase in daily mean temperatures as high as 4.6°C, and
    • More extreme and intense weather events, which may lead to more frequent floods.


We’re responding on every level

Responding to climate change

Singapore is a small, alternative-energy disadvantaged country with no natural resources. This makes addressing climate change challenging as we have to think and work harder to decarbonise our energy sector.

We took early action to switch to natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel, for our electricity needs. We are also maximising our solar deployment. To overcome our land constraints, we are investing in innovative solar technologies such as floating solar PV systems on our reservoirs and at sea. These will number among the world’s largest when completed.

Together, we can game change climate change

The battle against climate change is complex and requires multiple solutions.

Although effective government policies are key to enabling and accelerating efforts to tackle climate change, businesses as well as individuals can also do their part.

By transforming the way we do things today, we can game change climate change, together.