Are you excited for Climate Action Week? Some of our partners have exciting events lined up and you can take part too! Check out the listing below for more information!


DateOrganiserEvent Details
Throughout Aug 2020NDP Committee"Our Heart for Singapore" Project

Pledge to build a sustainable future for Singapore this August! Whether it’s taking steps to reduce your energy consumption by raising your air-con temperature, or starting a community garden, every effort counts in the fight against climate change.

Visit to make your pledge today!
15 AugRicoh Asia-Pacific
Facebook Competition: “What does sustainable production and consumption mean to you?”

Take part in Ricoh Asia-Pacific’s competition on 15 Aug and stand to win attractive prizes!

More details will be available at from 15 Aug onwards.
16 Aug, 1.30pm - 3pm Tzu Chi FoundationClimate Emergency: YOUth Action Webinar: Will There Be Enough Food?

This virtual event aims to involve youths more actively in decision-making processes and grassroots programmes.

Topics covered include:
- Climate change, food sustainability and food emergencies, along with other interconnected issues in a global context
- The mitigation strategies by government and civil society organisations in transforming toward a climate-resilient and resource-resilient society
- What youths can do to slow down climate change and address food security issues in order to build a safer and sustainable future for all.

- Kelvin Wong – Chief, Planning & Development/ TERRA SG.

- Kok Min Ai, Programme Analyst, United Nations Development Programme
- Nidhi Pant - Co-Founder, Science For Society - S4S Technologies
- Goh Wee Hou - Director/Food Supply Resilience Division, Singapore Food Agency
- Susan Tan - Volunteer Leader for Environmental Protection Mission, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Singapore

Register for the webinar at:
17 Aug, 7.30pm - 8.30pmKeppel Bay Residents’ Network Climate Week!

The Keppel Bay Residents’ Network will be organising a webinar on horticulture and composting.

Join the webinar at:
18 Aug,
3pm – 4pm
Eco-Business and Sembcorp Industries Climate Action: Emerging stronger from a crisis

Eco-Business and Sembcorp Industries will be organising a virtual dialogue to discuss the ways Singapore can emerge stronger from the Covid-19 crisis and how the government, business and society can work together to address short term needs as well as the long-term resilience of our nation.

- Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment
- Mr Wong Kim Yin, Group President and CEO, Sembcorp Industries
- Mr Bradley Busetto, Director, UNDP Global Centre on Tech, Innovation and Sustainability

Register at:
19 Aug,
7 – 8pm
Now.Here.Tree of Life: A discovery workshop celebrating our Earth and our environment

This workshop aims to:
- Explore the many gifts we have received from the Earth.
- Discover the connection, strengths, hopes, dreams and wishes that you have for yourself, your communities and the Earth.
- Consider the different ways we can protect and provide for the Earth and our environment.

Participants will be invited to share how they can be a positive agent of change for a brighter tomorrow.

Suitable for children 10 years old and above.

Register at:
19 Aug, 12pmNespressoCreating Compost from Coffee Grounds

Nespresso will be working with their Sustainability Tastemaker Paul Foster on a short video to show how used coffee grounds can be repurposed to create compost and fertilise plants at home.

Watch the video on
20 Aug,
3.30pm – 6pm
Asia-Pacific Center for Environmental Law, NUS Law, Energy Studies Institute, NUS, and the National Youth CouncilConferences: The First and Last Generation?

This panel discussion brings together youth who have had experience and involvement in environmental conferences, representing the breadth of international environmental issues in today’s world. These include the United Nations Climate Change and Biodiversity Conferences, and the United Nations Environment Programme/Assembly.

- Melissa Low, Research Fellow, Energy Studies Institute, NUS (8 UNFCCC COPs)
- Eric Bea, Researcher, Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law, NUS Law (UNFCCC COP24, 2018; COP25, 2019)

- Cheryl Cadeline Lee, Singapore Youth for Climate Action (UNFCCC COP23, 2017; COP25, 2019)
- Don Sandev Ferdinando, Yale-NUS College (UNFCCC COP25, 2019)
- Priscilla Tan, Graduate Student at University of Oxford (MSc Nature, Society and Environmental Governance) (UNFCCC COP25, 2019)
- Kathlene Yeo, BYOBottleSG (Oslo Act #ForNature Global Online Forum)
- Karl Png, Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity (UNCBD OEWG2, 2020)

Register at
20 Aug,
7pm - 8pm
The National Library Board and WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature SingaporeWWF Explains: Our Sticky Relationship with Online Shopping and Plastic!

WWF Explains is an ongoing series that aims to start conversations around global environmental issues.

This webinar reviews the unexpected links between daily concerns in Singapore and the environment around us. Conducted as a panel discussion with conservation experts, participants will explore pertinent issues around plastics through our shopping habits.

Register at:
21 Aug, 10am - 11.30amPacific LightAccelerating your Energy Efficiency Programme Webinar

Pacific Light will be organising a webinar entitled “Accelerating your Energy Efficiency Programme” on Fri, 21 Aug 10am to 11.30am with guest speakers from NEA, HSBC, and G-Energy Global. Targeted at SMEs, the webinar focuses on financing and implementation of an effective energy efficiency programme.

Pacific Light has also produced a video for students, which focuses on sustainability. Watch it at!

Register for the webinar at:
21 Aug, 12pmCity Developments Ltd (CDL) Youth4Climate Concert

Youths play a major role in a sustainable future. Initiated in 2018, the Youth4Climate Festival is one of City Developments Limited’s (CDL) flagship programmes in support of youth empowerment and social good. Due to COVID-19, the Youth4Climate Festival is going virtual this year. Presented as an online concert, the event aims to provide youths with a platform to express their passion and green wishes through the preforming arts. Featuring six acts ranging from an original piano composition to singing and dancing and more, the Youth4Climate Concert reflects our youths’ aspirations for the future of our planet.

Registration is not required for the concert. Catch in on the CDL Sustainability YouTube page here:


Some partners are also holding events within their organisation/school in support of Climate Action Week. We thank you all for your support!

DateOrganiserEvent Details
15 Aug National University of Singapore
Sustainable Urban Farming – Reimagining Food Production in Singapore

This online talk with Danielle Chan, an NUS alumnus and the co-founder of Citiponics Pte Ltd, is part of NUS Kent Ridge Alumni’s Family Day activities. It explores: (i) the benefits of bringing urban farms to the community; (ii) how we can redesign the way we connect with our food sources; and (iii) what makes one farming method more sustainable than others. The talk is open to the NUS alumni, students and staff.
17 to 21 AugPSA SingaporeDonation and Recycling Drive

PSA’s annual Donation and Recycling Drive encourages a Green Port Culture at PSA, where staff are both green-minded and green-skilled. Collection booths are set up across PSA for staff to bring new and pre-loved items in good condition, suitable for donation to a selected charity.

Harvesting at Rooftop Food Garden, PATIO@PPTB3

PSA will be harvesting produce at their food garden on 18 Aug. Officially opened in Oct 2019, the formerly vacant rooftop space, now named PATIO@PPTB3, was converted into a food garden by staff, for staff. More than 80 varieties of vegetables, herbs, creeping vines and fruiting plants have been grown since its inception, yielding more than 200kg of harvested produce. Some of the produce include Lettuce, Purple Bak Choy, Japanese Kai Lan, Tuscan Kale, Spring Vegetables, Bittergourd, Sweet Potato, Chilli, Rosemary, Spring Onion, Chives, Mint, Pumpkin, and Jambu.
17 to 21 Aug Commonwealth Secondary SchoolThe school will be sharing information via email and social media platforms to engage students, alumni and parents on the following themes:.

17 August: Nature Conservation, More Than Just Greening
18 August: Food Security, More Than Just Filling Our Tummy
19 August: Clean Energy, More Than Just Solar and Wind
20 August: Water Resources, More Than Just Water for Drinking
21 August: Our Sustainable Lifestyle, More Than Just Our Generation
17 to 21 Aug
Woodgrove Secondary School
A 3H1F Approach for Climate Action Week @ Woodgrove (CAWAW) 2020

The 3H1F approach comprises knowledge (Head), skills (Hands) acquisition, and developing a sense of ownership (Heart) for the environment, so that students become concerned citizens (Feet) who actively play their part for the environment.
- Head: ALP Lesson Package on Energy and Wind Turbines
- Heart and Feet: Online Lesson Package via learning space with focus on Climate Action and Food Security
- Hands: Waste Minimisation Projects (e.g. e-waste and other recyclables) + Growing Vegetables and Sunflowers in our Greenville (hydroponics project).
21 AugNational University of SingaporeWeLL (We go Local and Low-Carbon) Themed Dinner

This is the first Themed Dinner since the COVID-19 pandemic which NUS will be organising for its student residents across five Residential Colleges in three dining halls. The Themed Dinner will feature locally-produced ingredients. In line with safe distancing measures, NUS is encouraging students to takeaway their meals, and is issuing reusable lunch boxes to its student residents to reduce disposables and encourage reusables.
OngoingRaffles Girls SchoolThe school is running three ongoing projects for their students:

Project Minimise: Focusing on plastic reuse and recycling.
Project Appetite: Focusing on food waste reduction by using black soldier flies for composting.
Project Terra: Focusing on sustainable production and consumption.
OngoingPoi Ching SchoolCall-To-Action List and Urban Farming Tactics

A call-to-action list will be implemented in students’ weekly newsletter to parents; and a module with a scientist consultant will be introduced for students to learn about urban farming tactics.
OngoingSt Andrew’s Junior College Upcycling Plastic Bottles

SAJC will embark on a project to upcycle plastic bottles to a self-watering gardening pot, and encourage planting. Through this, SAJC hopes to increase the green spaces in Singapore to include small ‘gardens’ in everyone's home.
OngoingNanyang Girls High School
5Rs (Remind, Refuse, Recycle, Reduce and Repurpose) and different types of urban farming

Series of year-round activities led by teachers and environment ambassadors covering the 5Rs (Remind, Refuse, Recycle, Reduce and Repurpose), and different types of urban farming as part of the curriculum.
OngoingGeylang Methodist Primary Schoole-Posters and Webinar on Environmental Actions or Zero Waste Issues

The Primary 5 science and maths monitors, together with the Environmental Club, will create e-posters and organise a webinar on environmental actions and zero waste issues.
OngoingFuchun Secondary SchoolVirtual Briefing on How To Conserve Energy And Resources

The school will work with North-West CDC and NEA to give the students a virtual briefing on how to conserve energy and resources. Students will be encouraged to share the information with their parents and to sign up for a three-month energy audit programme.

Seniors from Orange Valley Day Care Centre will also be invited to join the Green Club members in a Zoom session, where recyclables will be used to produce a rap/message on climate action.
OngoingTelok Kurau Primary SchoolE-learning Package on Climate Change

The school will be preparing a learning package to be shared via the student learning space for all levels, covering the following topics:

What is climate change?
What is global warming?
What is the result of rising temperature?
How Singapore has been affected (such as dry spells, heavy rainfall, effects on biodiversity)?
What can we do about it?

A skit titled 'We Beelong Together' will also be live-streamed to all levels during an assembly period. The skit aims to provoke viewers to reflect deeply on their relationship with local green spaces and other life-forms. In embedding the scientific, ecological concept of biophilia into the story, the skit attempts to draw out a common understanding of human beings' innate connection with animals and nature.