The battle against climate change is complex and requires multiple solutions.

Although effective government policies are key to enabling and accelerating efforts to tackle climate change, businesses as well as individuals can also do their part.

By transforming the way we do things today, we can game change climate change, together.

What can businesses do

Businesses can transform by becoming more energy and carbon efficient, adopting circular economy practices and pursuing sustainable production.

We encourage businesses to apply for grants that will co-fund a percentage of energy efficiency projects.

Last year, we rolled out initiatives under the Enhanced Industry Energy Efficiency Package to give stronger support to companies in their drive to become more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions.

Developers and business owners are also encouraged to adopt higher Green Mark ratings under the BCA Green Mark scheme for new buildings and existing buildings undergoing major retrofit.

We will also work with industry stakeholders to maximise solar deployment on the rooftops of private industrial and commercial buildings to meet the solar target of at least 2 GWp by 2030. 


What individuals can do

  • Practise the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), use electricity and water efficiently, choose energy-efficient household appliances and those which use refrigerants with lower global warming potential, and choose Walk-Cycle-Ride modes of transport for daily commutes. 
  • Singaporeans can also participate in opportunities to co-create and co-deliver solutions to solve our environmental challenges. As part of national campaign efforts, we are working with various stakeholders to raise awareness and encourage public to take action. We are also convening Citizens’ Workgroups to co-create solutions, beginning with one on #RecycleRight. This will be followed by workgroups that will look at how we can increase demand for local produce, and reduce the excessive consumption of disposables.

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