The climate impacts that we face pose various risks to Singapore.

Some of these impacts and risks may simply cause inconvenience, while others are more severe.

For instance, flooding can result in injury, cause damage to property, and disrupt traffic. The increased risk of heat-induced and vector-borne illnesses can cause us to fall ill more frequently. Bush fires or uprooted trees can also cause serious injury.

These risks are real and we must act now to reduce our risk exposure in the future.

The climate impacts that we face pose risks to Singapore in the following six areas:

Our Coasts

Communities and property along Singapore’s coastline could be affected by rising sea levels.

DSC_2851High Tide.jpg

Our Waters

Our water supply may be affected by more frequent and severe droughts.

Intense rainfall and rising sea levels may increase the risk of flooding.

Our Biodiversity and Greenery

Trees could be damaged or uprooted due to strong winds.

Biodiversity may be affected by changes in temperature and rainfall.

There may be more bush fires due to temperature increase and low rainfall.

Our Public Health and Food Supply

Higher temperatures may affect human health and healthcare operations.

Vector and pest populations could increase due to higher temperatures and rainfall, increasing the incidence of diseases such as dengue.

Our imported food supplies could face disruption and price spikes, should production be affected by extreme weather.


Our Essential Services

Intense rainfall, sea level rise, and temperature changes could affect the operation of our telecommunications, power, and transport infrastructure.

Our Buildings and Infrastructure

Safety and reliability of infrastructure could be impacted by strong winds and higher temperatures.

Increased rainfall could lead to slope instability

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