Momoka was the president of NUS Students Against Violation of the Earth (NUSSAVE) from 2017-2018. Under her leadership, Momoka has enabled the smooth communication between members and stakeholders to actualise the proposed projects. For example, she liaised between a student advocate, Pamela, NUS Offices, and SAVE to help create an awareness campaign for plastic reduction in school. She was also part of the team in SAVE in 2017 who first came up with the idea of having the Reusable Bag Library, a pioneering scheme in Singapore that promotes shared usage of reusable bags between shoppers to reduce the use of plastic bags. This scheme is set to be a permanent fixture in NUS and has been emulated by many NGOs in Singapore.

As the president, Momoka also constantly encouraged her members to think outside the box and to involve themselves in whatever environmental topics they are interested in. She would regularly check on the members to gather their feedback on the club sessions and together with her team, improve on them in the coming weeks. With her experience in SAVE for the past two years, she would also guide members to achieve their goals, such as aiding in the recruitment process of the SAVE app and meeting stakeholders to promote the members’ campaigns. She is very people-centred and is able to prioritise administrative needs with member relations.

For her outstanding leadership and contributions to the environment, Momoka Ang is awarded the 2018 HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award (Merit).


Momoka Ang F, 19
National University of Singapore

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