Jia Liang’s appreciation for the natural environment led him to start a social media page, titled WeXplorare to raise the public’s awareness on climate change, eco-friendly practices and animals native to Singapore. As President of the school’s Green Ambassador Club, he displayed leadership and commitment in spreading eco messages to his fellow students, rallying them to do their part for the environment through activities such as marine life conservation programmes by SEA Aquarium, Youth for the Environment Day by NEA, World Water Day by PUB, managing the College West hydroponic system and community garden.

As a food ambassador passionate about food waste and reduction, Jia Liang spearheaded awareness events at libraries and worked with partner organisations such as Foodbank to reduce food wastage.

Jia Liang is never short of innovative ideas. As General Secretary of the Education group in the Gardeners’ Cup held in conjunction with the Singapore Garden Festival organised by NParks, he contributed to the research and design of informative plant tags that can benefit visitors with knowledge of the plants. South West district won the championship for this competition. Another initiative that Jia Liang proposed in the “Love Your Living Environment Youth Challenge” organised by South West Community Development Council was a cat hut made from reused materials. His team won the grant of $10 000 to implement the project.

For his outstanding leadership and contributions to the environment, Lau Jia Liang is awarded the 2018 HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award (Merit).


Lau Jia Liang M, 20
ITE College West

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