An individual deeply concerned with energy and sustainability, Pramath utilises
his research knowledge to contribute to environmental sustainability.

In 2017, Pramath co-founded a social enterprise named ReecOff, where used
coffee grounds are collected from cafes and then upcycled into deodorisers
and fertilisers. ReecOff’s mission was to reduce wastage in Singapore and to
give waste products a new life through upcycling as Pramath found that local
coffee shops simply threw away used coffee grounds and these amounted to
several hundred kilograms a month from just 1 outlet. The upcycled coffee
grounds are packaged into small handheld size pouches and distributed
throughout the island.

Pramath also began an individual research project to find new alternatives to
diesel. One of the most common alternatives found was biodiesel which is not
popular yet due to several limitations that this fuel brings. One of the most
common setback of biodiesel is its ability to solidify very quickly with exposure
to oxygen. Pramath found a natural chemical compound in orange peels to
alleviate this problem of biodiesel and conducted several tests to extract this
valuable compound. He also proposed a system in which these peels could be
put through a preliminary extraction before disposing of these peels which will
help the environment in terms of resource usage.

Recently, Pramath and his team came together to develop a solar hybrid system
that can produce renewable energy for the environment more efficiently.

For his outstanding leadership and contributions to the environment, Pramath
Krishna is awarded the 2018 HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award.


Pramath Krishna M, 18
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Winner and Participant, 2018 HSBC/NYAA Study Trip to Switzerland

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