11 eco-champions were recognised for their outstanding contribution to the environment at this year’s EcoFriend Awards on 28 September.

EcoFriend Awards 2018 Winners


Two of this year’s award recipients are female industry leaders. One of them is Ms Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer of City Developments Limited (CDL). Recognised as one of the 10 2018 UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Pioneers, Ms An leads the company’s sustainability and environmental awareness efforts among the community, such as the CDL E-Generation Challenge, an annual nation-wide rally aimed at raising eco-consciousness among youth, as well as My Tree House, the world’s first green library for children, and the zero-energy CDL Green Gallery@Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum. Her passion for sustainability has also driven improvement in CDL’s environmental performance across its operations. A fervent believer of the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development, Ms An led the establishment of the zero-energy Singapore Sustainability Academy, a joint collaboration between CDL and the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore.


The other award recipient is Ms May Yap, Chairwoman, CEO & Managing Director of LHT Holdings Limited. Armed with the aim of reducing waste generation through recycling, LHT established Singapore’s first wood waste recycling plant that produces re-engineered wood products from wood waste. The effort has lowered the company’s waste disposal cost by a few hundred thousand dollars, saved 4,500 trees and reduced electricity usage by 75,100 kWh annually. LHT also worked with the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology to develop new monitoring systems to increase the company’s productivity and shorten production time, which resulted in a 35% reduction in carbon emissions. Other significant efforts in preventing energy wastage include the installation of sensors that measure air flow and noise levels of factory compressors, the adoption of LED lights which reduced the company’s annual electricity bill by $10,000, and the use of e-invoices and e-signatures which cut down the amount of paper used by more than 50%.

Another notable award recipient this year, is Mr Allen Ang Aik Leng, District Councillor at North West Community Development Council (CDC). As the Co-Chairman of the Green Living Standing Committee, Mr Ang is committed to promoting green living among residents and powering energy-efficient households, and has been actively leading the community towards a Green Future. He implemented various green programmes such as the Recycle @ North West programme, which contributed over 319,000 kg of recyclable items from 2012 to 2018, and Reduce @ North West, which reached out to about more than 268,000 households to encourage residents to track and reduce household energy consumption, and saved more than 212,000 kWh of energy since its inception in 2011. He also played a key role in incorporating environmentally-friendly features in Bukit Panjang Community Club (CC) as part of the ECO CC @ North West initiative, attaining 50% in energy savings through improvement works, making it the first CC to obtain the BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS Award under the Existing Non-Residential Buildings category.

The youngest award recipient this year is Mr Gan Rui Yi, President of the Environment Club at Dunman High School. He spearheaded the school’s first environmental e-magazine ‘D’Green’, generating a 200% increase in club membership from 2016 to 2017. As part of his community outreach efforts, he conducted the ‘Eco Buddies’ programme at Kong Hwa School in 2017 and taught 120 students the five themes of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint over 12 sessions. Mr Gan also organised a terrarium workshop and orange peel detergent making workshop in 2017 and 2018 respectively, in conjunction with the Environmental Week to encourage upcycling and reduction of carbon footprint. The workshops led to a 30% increase in recycling rate in the school.

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