Pei Shan, the founder of UglyFood and an SUTD-SMU Double Degree Programme graduate, developed an interest in food four years ago when her grandmother was stricken with cancer.

In hopes that fruits and vegetables would alleviate her grandmother’s health condition, she started reading about healthier food choices, such as fruit and vegetables, and learned how to make different fruits and vegetables juices.

Upon stumbling across a video on Facebook about global food wastage, she then gathered a team to look into the issue of unnecessary food wastage in Singapore.

They found that food waste is a pervasive problem. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, one-third of the world’s food is wasted from farm to table. This waste could be due to cosmetic filtering, improper handling, and so on.

Contrary to Singaporeans’ love for food, Singapore generated 791,000 tonnes of food waste in 2016 which is equivalent to each of us throwing away two bowls of food daily. When we waste food, we also waste resources utilised to grow the food such as energy and water.


With her experience in healthy food and the awareness that food waste is avoidable, she decided to start a social enterprise, UglyFood, a social enterprise that aims to divert food away from the landfill by transforming it into delectable and healthy food products.

After tireless experimentation and several iterations, a series of intricately-designed and mouth-watering food products was born – cold-pressed juices, teas and popsicles.


UglyFood strives to prevent food waste, to maximise value of food resources and to achieve the dual goals of promoting good health and ameliorating negative impacts on the environment.

To date, the social enterprise has managed to save 7,384 fruits & vegetables and aims to save 15,000 fruits by the end of the year.

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Check out UglyFood’s climate action pledge here!

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