For a densely populated city state like Singapore, green buildings are an integral part of our efforts to reduce energy use, waste generation, pollution and water consumption.

Buildings account for about a quarter of Singapore’s carbon emissions, and we spend more than 90% of our time in buildings.

Greener buildings provide multiple benefits. Research has consistently shown that living, working and playing in a green and less pollutive environment lead to improved health and well-being, as well as increased productivity.

By conserving the use of resources, and adopting energy-efficient features or renewable energy, green buildings are not only environmentally-friendly, but also help to lower costs.

Recently, the Singapore Green Building Council’s launched its first climate action campaign with the theme Live.Work.Play.Green to educate Singaporeans on green buildings and do their part for the environment.


During SGBC’s annual Gala Dinner on 6 September, six winners who have made outstanding contributions to the sustainability of Asia Pacific’s built environment were also presented with the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards

The winners are:

Swire Properties
Swire Properties Limited, Hong Kong – Business Leadership in Sustainability Award with Special Recognition, Better Places for People
Naandi, India – Leadership in Sustainable Design & Performance Award – Residential category with Special Recognition, Advancing Net Zero
Barangaroo South, Australia – Leadership in Sustainable Design & Performance Award – Commercial categor


Aorangi House
Aorangi House, New Zealand – Leadership in Sustainable Design & Performance Award – Commercial category
Green One United Nation House, Vietnam – Leadership in Sustainable Design & Performance Award – Institutional category
Mary Chan
Mary Chan, DLN Architects Limited, Hong Kong – Women in Green Building Leadership Award

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