The “Switch and Save – Use LED” (SSUL) @ North East programme was launched over the weekend by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the North East Community Development Council (CDC) to encourage the adoption of LED lights.

Under this programme, all households living in one- and two-room public housing flats in the North East District will be offered a $25 SSUL voucher to buy LED lights.

Launch of the “Switch and Save – Use LED” (SSUL) @ North East by Minister Masagos, Minister Ng, Mayor Choo and NEA CEO Ronnie Tay.

Singapore’s total household electricity consumption has gone up by about 17% in the last decade due to a growing population. As electricity is largely produced by the burning of fossil fuels, lowering our electricity consumption can help reduce the environmental impact of resource mining and emissions produced to generate electricity.

The Household Energy Consumption Study conducted by NEA in 2017 showed that lights are one of the top five electricity-consuming appliances in a home.

In general, LED lights are more energy-efficient than compact fluorescent and incandescent lamps, but only 28% of households in one- and two-room public housing flats use LED lights, the study revealed. This is the lowest adoption rate of LED lights among household size types.

An LED bulb uses about 80% less electricity compared to an incandescent bulb, and LED lights also generally last five times longer than incandescent lights. Households can reap both energy and cost savings if they replace their incandescent or compact fluorescent lights with LED lights.

More than 13,000 households in the North East District will benefit from this programme. If all these households switch to LED lights, they are expected to collectively save about 360,000 kWh annually – equivalent to more than $70,000 in energy savings – and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 150 tonnes per annum. All eligible households in the North East District will be notified via mail to collect their vouchers from designated collection points, such as their nearest community centre. The $25 voucher can be used at all Home-Fix, Selffix and Sheng Siong stores across Singapore, Philips Light Lab, as well as roadshows organised by NEA and North East CDC. More details can be found at

The SSUL programme falls under the Climate Action SG umbrella of initiatives to encourage everyone to take simple steps that can reduce their carbon footprint and help to mitigate climate change.

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