North West Community Development Council (CDC) launched Green Living @ North West, a district-wide Eco Plan, in 2009.

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Green Living @ North West encompasses five pillars with specific programmes to help residents in the North West District take ownership of the environment:

  1. ‘CLEAN Everyday’ focuses on hygiene and cleanliness
  2. ‘LEADengue’ highlights preventive measures to keep dengue in check
  3. ‘Fight Climate Change’ educates residents to conserve natural resources and reduce carbon footprint
  4. ‘3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)’ encourages residents to adopt the 3Rs; and
  5. ‘CLEAN Toilets’ focuses on keeping public toilets clean

In 2018, the North West CDC will go beyond Green Living initiatives for a more holistic coverage of North West District’s efforts to promote sustainability in all forms through the North West Sustainability Plan 2030. The plan is guided by the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development launched by the United Nations (UN). Besides advocating for green education and action, the sustainable programmes under CDC’s mission of assisting the needy, bonding the people and connecting the community will also be incorporated.

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North West CDC views Climate Action as an integral part of its ongoing mission to increase awareness on the palpable threats of climate change in Singapore, and the means of reducing our environmental footprint. We hope to inspire other organisations to embrace the green movement through committing to green operations and making the switch to green infrastructure, while encouraging its members to embrace a culture of green living.

This is exemplified in the Eco CC @ North West initiative which supports green “hardware” and “software” enhancements for CCs in the North West District in building a focal point to engage residents in environmental sustainable programmes and activities.  We also connect and bring community and corporate partners together through sharing of expertise, in an aim to cultivate green lifestyles through education, promote green ownership by encouraging every individual to get involved, spread the word and stay informed. With knowledge, ample platforms for green efforts, and the right behavioural change, we believe that every individual will have the ability to save the planet.

For more information, visit North West CDC’s Green Living website!

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