See how small lifestyle choices can make a big difference in the fight against climate change

Want to keep track of your personal carbon footprint?  Wonder how your daily actions contribute to climate change?  Want to do your part for the environment?

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Living a low-carbon lifestyle has never been easier with the launch of the EcoLifeSG app by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC).  The new web-based app for individuals shows how daily decisions – from your transport choices to the food you eat – contribute to climate change.

The app has a second version for organisations, which allows users to track their company’s energy, water, paper usage and air travel frequency to help them build an eco-friendly workplace.

EcoLifeSG App for Individuals

For individuals, tools pertaining to transportation, energy usage, food consumption and waste generation help users to translate their daily actions into carbon footprint estimates. This helps them to monitor their environmental impact one step at a time.

For example, when you enter a trip’s start and end locations and your mode of transport, the app will tell you how much carbon was produced to complete your journey.  And when you choose not to use plastic straws and cutlery during a meal, the app will reveal the amount of carbon saved by that choice.

EcoLifeSG App for Individuals

The app uses gamification as a way of encouraging eco-friendly behaviour.  Once an individual creates their user profile, they will be given an Eco Avatar that will grow as they achieve more carbon reductions.


How to use EcoLifeSG:

  • Access the app through your web browser by entering into the address bar
  • Complete or update your Eco Quest Profile
  • Start a daily quest
  • Complete the quest and record it in your journal on the same day
  • Each completed quest helps you to achieve carbon reduction and makes your Eco Avatar stronger
  • Complete more quests to evolve your character!


EcoLifeSG App for Organisations

For organisations, monthly records of electricity, water, paper consumption, as well as air travel, help organisations to track their carbon emissions.  The app also allows them to track their monthly carbon emissions with the help of a carbon journal.

Other features include practical tips to reduce resource consumption and tools to identify trends in their organisation’s resource usage.

EcoLifeSG App for Organisations

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Masagos Zulkifli said: “The Singapore Environment Council has developed an EcoLifeSG mobile app, to enable users to track their carbon footprint.  Organisations can track their monthly carbon emissions via a carbon journal, and see the direct correlation between operational costs and carbon emissions.”

“The app has an interesting component for individuals.  Users can “level-up” their Eco Avatar, just like in ‘Pokemon Go’, by reducing their carbon footprint.  Challenges on transportation, energy usage, food consumption and waste generation help users to translate their daily actions into the carbon footprint generated.  This helps them to monitor their environmental impact, one easy step at a time.”

– Mr Masagos Zulkifli

Chairman of SEC, Isabella Loh said the EcoLifeSG app is a useful tool for anyone pursuing a green lifestyle.

“The EcoLifeSG app is a starting point for individuals to measure green calorific value of their lifestyles.  By using the EcoLifeSG app and recording their daily activities, each individual can track their carbon footprint.  We are also encouraging organisations to build an environmentally friendly workplace with a separate app.”

“Once you know your carbon footprint, you can take steps to reduce it.  The app lets you see how the different transport, energy, food and waste management choices you make can reduce the amount of carbon you produce.  The daily challenges make reducing carbon emissions fun and show how small changes can have a big impact in the fight against climate change,” Ms Loh said.

The EcoLifeSG app is part of SEC’s digital engagement strategy which uses technology to encourage people to live more environmentally-sustainable lifestyles.  EcoLifeSG is SEC’s second digital engagement product, following the launch of Singapore’s first digital Green Map in December 2017.

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