Springfield Secondary School pledged their efforts to reduce their collective carbon footprint by setting a local record for creating the largest logo made of thumbprints! They also organised events bring attention to environmental issues like greenhouse emissions. We hear from the school’s Environment Committee about their Climate Action journey.

Springfield Secondary School first started our journey towards Climate Action in early 2017, where the Environment Committee worked with the school to embark on a journey towards reducing our carbon footprint. School leaders, teachers, administrative staff, students and partner organisations came together in April 2017 to create Singapore’s largest logo made of thumbprints, as our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. This year, being the Year of Climate Action, we have stepped up our efforts by organising a myriad of environmental activities such as Meat Free Day, Earth Hour and recycling carnivals all aimed towards raising awareness on environmental issues like carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Student leaders sharing with the school about Earth Hour

Springfield Secondary feels it is crucial that our students develop an awareness about climate change and its impact on Singapore (including themselves!) and the world, as well as what they can do in creating a sustainable Singapore for our future generations.

Students doing the Pledge in semi-darkness during Earth Hour

To all organisations embarking on your sustainability journey, we hope you will take the leap of faith and create opportunities for your stakeholders to experience the importance of climate action and get involved in building a sustainable future for themselves, their families, Singapore and the world.

Instagram ‘Live’ event of our Vice Principal Mr Bambang planting the Hibiscus as our commitment in the fight against Climate Action

Springfield Secondary demonstrates that individual efforts can make a real difference in creating a sustainable Singapore for future generations. Take Climate Action and submit your pledge here!

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