Singapore American School is a non-profit, independent, co-educational day school located in the Woodlands area in Singapore. We speak to Mr. Brendan Riley, a Canadian middle school science teacher at the school on their Climate Action Journey.

Hi! My name is Brendan Riley, a Canadian middle school science teacher at Singapore American School. It offers an American-based curriculum for students in preschool through high school.

How did Singapore American School get started on the Climate Action Journey?

Our 106 grade 6 students are currently undergoing a project-based learning experience where they are taking action to try and reduce their ecological footprint.

iPhone App: Palm-Oil Product Finder

What are Singapore American School’s climate action plans and goals in 2018?:

Each student has chosen some sort of action that they will undertake in order to reduce their ecological footprint, while at the same time, inspiring others to do the same. Here is a list of some of the projects that are being done:

  • Creating eco-friendly soaps
  • Re-using cooking oil to make candles
  • Designing biodegradable products
  • Upcycling plastics
  • Starting a zero-packing business
  • Living a month without plastic
  • Living a month without palm oil
  • Creating a how-to manual for reducing energy waste
  • Composting
  • Aquaponics growing systems
Natural Micro-Beads vs. Plastic Micro-Beads
Eco-Friendly Soap

Why is taking climate action important to Singapore American School?

Many of us at Singapore American School are expatriates living in Singapore, but we feel that we have an equal responsibility of taking care of Singapore, ensuring that it continues to be a beautiful place to live.

The students plan to make a positive impact on our environment.

What advice do you have for others schools embarking on their Climate Action journey?

Advice for other schools are to plan educational units with a “sustainability” theme. Send your teaching staff on professional development training in project-based learning and teaching sustainability. Visit other schools who do this well and learn from them. Share ideas and celebrate learning.


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