Youth for the Environment Day (YED) is a key platform to engage the youth to champion environmental ownership by leading, organising and participating in programmes to show their passion and commitment towards global and local environmental issues.

YED 2018 Theme – Climate Action

In line with 2018 as the Year of Climate Action, this year’s YED aims to inculcate values and encourage behavioural change amongst youth to lead a less wasteful lifestyle, encourage ground-up initiatives that promote and/or address local and national environmental issues, and promote Climate Action and the Sustainable Singapore Movement. This contributes to the aim of raising national awareness about climate change and the need for individual and collective action to mitigate its effects.


Schools play an important role in educating our youth on climate change and action. Schools and youth can champion climate action by committing to what they pledge to do at Climate Action pledge website, share their #ClimateActionSG and #SustainableSG stories on social media. Students can also join school and community activities that promote energy conservation and waste reduction.


As youths, you have an important role to play to care for our environment. We only have one planet. Let us take climate action to ensure a sustainable future

Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources (read more)

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