Thank you to the High Commission of Canada in Singapore for submitting your climate action pledge! Check out their pledge below!

Our climate action pledge

  • Put in place an Environmental Committee to implement environmental programs or policies at the office and promote greener practices in our day-to-day work.
  • Initiate and put in place an office recycling program in coordination with building management.
  • Organize activities at the office to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and/or on other topics related to the environment.
  • Change all office light bulbs to a more efficient alternative.
  • Install timer to shut down/on automatically all corridor lights
  • Track electricity consumption in staff quarters of our diplomats in order to promote better electrical consumption habits.
  • Promote usage of tap water to reduce usage of plastic bottles by removing all plastic bottled water dispensers in our office.
  • Promote usage of reusable containers for lunch and/or drink at the office instead of one-time use containers.

Our climate action goals for 2018

  • By doing all of the above initiatives, the High Commission of Canada in Singapore hopes to raise awareness among its staff about the importance of everyone’s contribution to making our office greener.
  • We hope that some of those initiatives will result in a lower electrical consumption for our office.

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