Team Small Change is a group of 4 who are very passionate to create more awareness among the community on environmental issues. Their current focus is on Singaporean’s plastic consumption, and they hope to encourage more people to adopt sustainable lifestyle choices. In their videos, they highlight the importance of reducing the use of plastics. Here’s their Climate Action story!

We are a rather new team, but are good friends. Individually, we practice actions that we believe are more sustainable for the environment. Hence, we want to play a part to spread this message to more people.

We are hopeful that by having this platform, our messages can spread to more people across the nation. Subsequently, we hope to be able to work closely with NGOs and corporations in campaigns to tackle Singaporeans’ excessive use on plastic

We are an amazing country that is developed and so advanced in many areas. It saddens us to see that we may be backwards when it comes to certain environmental practices. We are using up far too much resources and it is crucial for us to remind everyone that. We share one future, and we all have a part to play.

No change is too small! We all have a part to play.


Take Climate Action and submit your pledge here!

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