The amount of solid waste in Singapore had increased to 7.81 million tonnes in 2016, up by 140,700 tonnes from 7.67 million tonnes in 2015 which highlights the urgency of instilling every Singaporean with environmentally-friendly habits.


With this aim in mind, Jurong Junior College had organised the Love Fiesta which revolved around the theme “Love Our Environment” on the 10th March 2018. The carnival aims to encourage our neighbourhoods in the Jurong district to build a more gracious society through green practices and championing a sustainable way of life.

As an active member in the Jurong community, the school started on this sustainability journey by hoping to leave a seed of green consciousness and plant a firm memory of JJC’s advocacy for a sustainable living in the community before the school merges in 2019.

This theme embodies the college’s active environmental advocacy efforts and is in line with our school’s mission of developing leaders with a heart to serve the community. We strongly believe that everyone has a part to play in achieving a sustainable way of life and there is no better way than by working closely with a network of organisations in a common goal towards achieving a responsible and sustainable way of life.

Students for Jurong Junior College set up a booth to collect climate action pledges

During the day of the event, we have welcomed a total of 1,200 visitors. In collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, we have collected a total of 210 number of pledges on our “I pledge” art installation from our event to reduce the carbon footprint and make a direct impact on climate change.

Love Fiesta I-pledge art installation
Love Fiesta “I pledge” art installation

Pledging to take action against climate change turned out to be more challenging than many had expected. Some visitors grimaced at the thought of putting down an expiry date to their creature comforts — stop using plastic straws or stirrers, turned up the air-conditioning temperature etc. Other pledge-takers hesitated with making their pledges or identities known; no one was confident that they could keep their promises. As for bystanders, many watched but took stock of their unsustainable habits. The experience was a journey of self-reflection and one that commands us to take responsibility for our actions.

Booth Example
Students educating to the public about the impact of climate change on the sea.

For our JJCians who were encouraging their peers and visitors to make a pledge, they too realised that there remained a wide chasm between advocacy and commitment. This inspired more work to bridge the gap in JJC.

Moving beyond Love Fiesta, through our Environmental Conservation Club in Jurong Junior College, we will continue to educate our students about water rationing and the effects of climate change.

Eco Eva and Zippy Mare appearance during Love Fiesta 2018

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