Thank you Beacon Primary School for sharing on climate action during assembly on 20 March 2018 and for collecting 878 individual pledges! We hope that their efforts will inspire more schools to do the same.

Beacon Primary School’s Climate Action Pledge:

We, Beacons, pledge to:

  1. Reduce and manage food wastage by turning food waste into compost
  2. Reduce plastic pollution by bringing water bottles and not using straws
  3. Reduce our carbon footprint by taking public transport or by walking
  4. Promote water conservation
  5. Promote energy conservation by switching off all electrical appliances when not in use and set all air conditioners to 25 degree Celsius
  6. Practice sustainable gardening
  7. Practise recycling through the proper use of the recycling bins
  8. Be Environmental Advocates who promote green practices and create awareness of the impact the community has on the environment


Need ideas on how to conduct a mass pledging activity at your school? Check out our recent blog entry!

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