Thank you to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore for submitting your climate action pledge! Check out their pledge below!

Our climate action pledge
The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore commends Singapore in making 2018 the Year of Climate Action and would hereby like to make our own pledge towards the initiative.

Singapore and Norway are maritime nations with strong bilateral ties and common interests in the global ocean space. This year, we are happy to announce that our nations are stepping up our environmental collaboration in the maritime industry. In conjunction with Singapore Maritime Week 2018, we are organizing an international conference for green shipping, titled “ASEM: Green shipping. Blue Business. Moving forward together”. The conference is targeting 250 to 300 high level participants from ASEM countries within the maritime sector; authorities, private sector, research and academia. Together with our partners, we are striving to make profound and important steps towards making the global shipping business greener and more sustainable. Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment, Mr. Ola Elvestuen, together with Senior Minister Dr Lam Pin Min will open the conference. Minister Elvestuen will during his visit meet with Singaporean counterparts to discuss further opportunities for cooperation on environmental issues going forward.

Norway will also continue the more than 20 year long collaboration with Singapore on the “Third Country Training Program”. In October 2017 Norway and Singapore successfully executed a week-long training seminar for 25 senior officials from the South East Asian region on “Sustainable Waste Management and Marine Litter Reduction”. Sustainable development, well-functioning waste management systems and plastic handling policies form a prerequisite to stop plastic waste in making irreversible damage to world oceans.

We wish to engage and assist regional coastal states in South East Asia in adopting policies to reduce marine litter. Hence, we are continuing this effort with increase force in 2018, as we are planning to extend and widen the training program. Experienced speakers and experts from Norway, Singapore and other South East Asian countries will share experiences and facilitate discussion, focusing on methods that can be effectively applied in the region. South East Asia is one of the world’s most populous areas and subject to estimated rapid economic growth going forward. The countries in this region are therefore crucial partners in the efforts necessary to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption and improve management of the material across its life cycle.

In addition to the collaborating efforts within greener shipping and marine litter reduction, we will work hard and relentlessly on the smaller scale as well. As an Embassy, we pledge to make all our events, meetings, conferences and gatherings more sustainable, and limit negative environmental impact. In addition, we will strive for greener office guidelines.

• Strive for greener events means opting for green solution providers, offering water stations with reusable cups, smart lightening sensors, shorter distance food deliveries, ensure less food waste, no goodie bags, note pads and pen per demand and electronic solutions for presentations/backdrop etc.

• Office initiatives includes challenging the landlord to offer improved recycling facilities, minimize use of single item plastics (no take away cups, single use plastic bottles), reusable office materials only, minimize paper printing, business cards apps, extend products life with repairs etc.

Our climate action goals for 2018

We believe no step is too little if it leads to less pollution or waste. We are making changes in the way we act and are building awareness around us on how the choices we make affect our environment. We will all strive to be ambassadors for a greener and more sustainable living – continue spreading the word and challenge others to step up!

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