Meet Joline, the creator of The Sustainability Project, which aims to inspire the adoption of sustainable living. Check out her #ClimateActionSG story here!

Hi there, My name is Joline and I am an SMU Final year student. My climate action journey started out when I was in polytechnic. Back then, I knew climate change was an issue and I remember at that point of time, my contribution to combat climate change was mainly through the collection of my friends’ used paper so that I can reuse the other side. It was a pity to me that they did not recycle and instead threw it away, so I become the girl who collected paper which was used partially only.

Moving forward, I was interested in studying environmental science, but due to the clash is my certification, I continued to pursue a degree in accountancy in SMU. During my time in SMU, I was fortunate enough to be given the role of the vice president in the environmental club, SMU Verts. From them, my passion towards the environment grew and my knowledge a was widened tremendously. I was able to see how various people contributed towards the environment and questioned: “what was I doing?”.

After stepping down from the CCA, I then had an internship in a firm that sold biodegradable and compostable partyware. In the following year, I did another internship relating to sustainable reporting. The two internship did help me accumulate more knowledge regarding sustainability. However, I felt like I was not truly helping the environment. There was something missing. Fast forward a few months later, it was during my exchange in Norway, when I had a lot of free time that I decided, it was time to make a change. I was researching a lot on zero to low waste lifestyle and realised that all the products in Singapore were pretty expensive.

As a student, I had low bargaining power and it will be difficult to transit to the sustainable lifestyle if everything was going to be expensive. To me, a business can be used as a key tool to motivate people to transform their lifestyle and make a change. I then started my own online shop this year, The Sustainability Project, which aims to inspire the adoption of sustainable living through a range of products that are high in quality and affordable in prices.

My business policies are very stringent towards how we conduct our business so as to ensure that it does not harm the environment. Firstly, we do not use packaging for our products. We believe in naked packaging. Secondly, we do not use plastic in our products. Third, all our products, if packaged, are done so using old packaging. We do not buy anything new to package our products. Fourth, we dedicated 10% of our net profits to environmental causes.

All these actions have been possible so far and all I am trying to prove is that it is possible to make change. It is possible to be different. It is possible to do what you want for Mother Nature as long as you stick to your principles. I might not be a superhero that helped thousands of people in my life, but at least at the end of the day, I can tell myself that I did indeed try to make the world a better place to live in 🙂

Joline at NParks’ Plant a Tree initiative at Bukit Batok Nature Reserve

What are your climate action plans and goals for The Sustainability Project in 2018?

Continue to inspire people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle – Aim to offset our carbon footprint by planting more trees – Build a sense of awareness among people

Why is taking climate action important to you and for Singapore?

Climate change is real and I do not think anyone should doubt that. It is imminent and I believe that once you educate people and provide them with the tools to make a change, they will be inspired to do so.

We need to think about our future, think about long-term, have wisdom and know of the long terms consequences of what is to happen to our country when climate change really hits us. By then, it might be too late to take action. By then, there will be no use pointing fingers. Because by then, we might probably lose our only home.

On a side note, I am very happy that Singapore has finally acknowledged the issue of climate change and that everyone is finally starting to take action to combat it. It has been very heartening and encouraging 😉

What advice do you have for other organisations who are embarking on their Climate Action journey?

Start now and never ever underestimate your power to make a change and help mother earth 🙂

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