Want to get your school or class involved in climate action? One of the ways to engage students about climate change is to encourage them to reflect on how their daily habits impacts the environment.

An easy way to spark class discussion or at a school level could be through the taking of the climate action pledge.

Here’s some tips on how you can gather collective pledges as a class or as a school!

Mass Pledging event at Bukit View Secondary School

1) Mass Pledging during Assembly

  • School can play the Climate Action video (https://youtu.be/lJ05wlqkcjw) before introducing the pledge.
  • School can flash the QR code to the pledge site or display the URL on screen (www.mewr.gov.sg/individual-pledge)
  • Students can scan QR code using their hand phones or go online to pledge for climate action using their laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

2) Collecting class pledges during lesson time

  • Teachers can screen the Climate Action video (https://youtu.be/lJ05wlqkcjw) or make use of these education materials before introducing the pledge.
  • To encourage a collective effort in pledging, teachers can guide students on how to submit their personal climate pledge by visiting this website: www.mewr.gov.sg/individual-pledge
  • Students can decide on which climate actions and goals that they will take and submit the online pledge themselves.
  • Alternatively, teachers can submit a pledge on behalf of their class using the online form and indicate ‘Submitted by Class 1A- 40 students’ under the ‘Others (Please Indicate)’ field.


3) Set up a booth to collect pledges 

  • iPad stations can be set up in the canteen during recess time for staff and students to take the climate action pledge. Groups of students can be rostered to man the iPad stations and talk to fellow students about their climate actions.
Students for Jurong Junior College set up a booth to collect climate action pledges
Pledges can be collected easily using a mobile phone or tablet

4) Using a Pledge Card

If online options are not available, teachers can download and print out this pledge card and get their students to fill up their details and sign.



Students can cut/tear along the dotted lines and retain the piece with the 12 pledges.

Teachers can collect all the completed pledges and inform us (mewr_feedback@mewr.gov.sg) about the number of pledges collected.

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