Commonwealth Secondary School believes that in order for students to understand what it means to be environmentally conscious, the school would need to develop into a learning environment where students would be able to learn about the natural world. Commonwealth Secondary School was the first school to be awarded the President’s Award for the Environment in 2009. Check out their Climate Action feature here!

We believe that it is time for Commonwealth Secondary School to be more serious in reducing our consumption of single-use plastic disposables. There are benefits for our school in reducing plastic disposables, which include: reinforcing our image as an environmentally-friendly and a WWF Eco-Schools Green Flag school in Singapore; contributing to our national target of 70% recycling rate by 2030; reducing the plastic litter that goes into our waterways; and reducing our carbon emissions from the incineration of plastics, as stated in the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015.

Slowly, change is happening.

On 27 December, all our staff in Commonwealth Secondary School was at Tanah Merah Beach in for our Staff Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This year, we conducted a Coastal Clean-Up cum Macro-debris and Microplastics Sampling Activity. More than just a litter-picking exercise, we partnered with NParks and NUS to contribute data to a 15-months research on marine debris in Singapore. Therefore, we sorted out the types of rubbish found on that day into macro-debris and microplastics, helping us to understand the extent of plastic pollution in our marine ecosystem.

Really, how much do we need to see in order for us to be convinced that plastic pollution is real and that all of us need to be intentional in reducing our use of disposable plastics?

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