A pioneer in the area of sustainability, Costa Rica is a model for sustainable practices for many countries around the world. Although Costa Rica is a small territory, it is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world – it holds 5% of the world’s land-based biodiversity and 3.5% of its marine life! (Source)

We’re also very glad to see that the Embassy of Costa Rica right here in Singapore has taken the ClimateActionSG pledge too! Check out their pledge here!

The Embassy of Costa Rica in Singapore pledges to the Climate Action 2018 initiative, supporting and committing to the following actions:

  • Lobby our office building to raise the air-conditioner set temperature by 2ºC
  • Planning agendas and vehicle routes to ensure most efficient use of fuel and reduce the use of taxis
  • Eliminate the use of one time only plastics by opting for reusable water bottles, food containers, cutlery and others
  • Ensure that the lights and electrical appliances are switched off when not in use, and use only energy efficient appliances
  • Raise awareness on sustainability in the office and our community
  • Continue to use non-disposable coffee filters
  • Reduce paper consumption as much as possible


The Embassy further commits to the cause by joining Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Ecology Programme, “Bandera Azul”, a programme designed to incentivise the creation of committees to protect our natural resources, implement actions to face climate change and to improve public health.

In 2015, the Blue Flag programme opened a new facet called “Eco-Diplomacy” in which the Embassies and Consulates of Costa Rica throughout the world and the Embassies and Consulates accredited to Costa Rica, are incentivised to promote the ecological actions and the environmental philosophy of the programme. We are proud to be part of Singapore’s Climate Action 2018 initiative and Costa Rica’s Blue Flag.

We aim to strengthen our relationship with Singapore by encouraging our local community to adopt a greener approach by being active players in the COP21 goals’ achievements. Just last year in 2017, Costa Rica ran entirely on renewable energy for 300 days with its leading charge being the hydro-power, which provides 78.26%, followed by wind energy (10.29%), geothermal energy (10.23%), biomass and solar (0.84%) and hydrocarbons (0.38%).
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