NEA is forming a can-do, never-say-die team of passionate youths to plan and lead an educational and FUN programme for our visiting friends!

You will learn communication and facilitation skills, Behavioural Insights and how these can make your climate action messages more effective.

Join us at
Application closes 18 January 2018.

About the ASEAN+3 Youth Environment Forum

The ASEAN Plus Three Youth Environment Forum (AYEF) 2018 will be hosted in Singapore from30 June to 2 July 2018, and will bring together more than 150 youths from Singapore and around the region (approximately 40 foreign youth delegates and 110 local youth delegates) to help shape tomorrow’s environmentally sustainable cities. Aged between 15 to 25 years old, these youth delegates from all ASEAN Member States, as well as China, Korea and Japan will be developing and exchanging ideas on environmental sustainability and waste minimisation, which they can apply when they are back in their own countries.

AYEF 2018 is a key initiative led by Singapore that contributes to ASEAN environmental education efforts and the ASEAN Environmental Education Action Plan, a regional framework to accelerate the advancement of environmental education as a key component for achieving sustainable development in the region.


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