Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA) is a community of young Singapore residents who come together with a common goal: to take climate action. They hope to plant seeds amongst passionate young leaders, turn snowballs into avalanches, and mobilise the most powerful force yet in the global climate movement. Check out their #ClimateActionSG story here!

Hi I’m Lastrina, the cofounder of the Singapore Youth for Climate Action – SYCA! Learning about climate change from a human interest aspect was interesting for me. My focus is on community outreach work that shares about climate change and the human interest stories, because I feel that more people should learn about how climate change affects our lives.

I had the opportunity to attend COP20 in Lima Peru, an international climate change conference. Upon my return to Singapore, I wanted to set up a platform where we would regularly send youths to such conferences, and have a climate-specific capability building workshop. It was also important for me to build a structure that would be sustainable and one that is able to train more youth leaders. Thus, a group of friends and I set up Singapore Youth for Climate Action, which was officially established in December 2015.


At SCYA, we hope to work with people who have commitment to the cause. If you’re interested to learn more and do more, and take climate action, then it’s important to have the patience and the drive, to do whatever you can to the best of your ability to address climate change. As a team, we can work out how we can engage the community and grow the climate movement in Singapore.

I’d like to see more Sustainable Singapore ground-up efforts taking place! I think right now, it’s already impressive that we have groups like Little Climate, Up2degrees, People’s Movement to Stop Haze, Animal Allies Singapore, and Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), each reaching out to a specific target audience, engaging them in various activities, and all doing their part for the environment. What I would like to see is more people joining such groups, and working together, and have that coordination and synergy to create a more Sustainable Singapore.

Having a Sustainable Singapore is important so that we have a liveable place. One that allows access to clean air, arable land, water, energy and, food. If we still want all these, then it’s important that we have a personal responsibility and drive to ensure we take steps to achieve that.

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